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Auto Service or Repair

3,000 Mile or 3 month Conventional Oil Maintenance

Every car on the road today uses oil to lubricate vital components and to dissipate heat. Over mileage and time this oil breaks down and needs to be replaced. When you bring your car to Northshore Automotive we will not only replace the oil and filter on your vehicle, but we will also top off all of your fluids, check and adjust your tire pressures, and perform a complimentary safety inspection.

5,000 Mile or 5 month Synthetic Oil Maintenance

Newer cars are now running a full synthetic motor oil that allows you to go longer between your maintenance visits. We make sure to top off all of your fluids, adjust your tire pressures, and to perform a complimentary safety inspection to make sure your vehicle is in top shape between those visits.

Brake Service and Replacement

The first think to pop into everyone’s mind in regards to vehicle safety is how well your brakes are performing. We here at Northshore won’t just put on a new set of pads and rotors and send you on your way. Our technicians will take care and thoroughly clean brackets, fasteners, shims and calipers to ensure that not only will you have an OEM quality part on you vehicle but that all components will be in perfect working order. This ensure you not only the longest life out of those parts but also the highest degree of safety.

Timing Belt and Water Pump Service

Most vehicles are equipped with a timing belt that controls the vital functions of your motor. Over time this rubber component wears out and requires replacement, because if a timing belt gives way you may find yourself stranded. We here at Northshore know that this expensive repair can be frustrating so we make sure that during each service we replace all major components to ensure that the job is done not only right, but as cost effective for the long term life of the vehicle as possible. We will replace your timing belt, water pump, cam and crank seals, hydraulic tensioner, and drive belts so that you will leave our shop not only with a perfect running vehicle but also with piece of mind.

Tire Replacement, Balancing, and Alignments

Tires are a very important part of vehicle function and ride comfort. We take pride in how we service tires making sure that you get the longest life possible from them and that you are as comfortable as possible while driving on them. We make sure to take care in cleaning your rims fully before remounting a new set of tires, and with computer balancing and two and four wheel alignments done at our facility; we are a one stop shop for tires.

Engine and Drive Line Fluid Servicing

Many major components of today’s vehicle have fluid that lubricants, cools, and enhances functions. Over time these fluid can break down and become contaminated with moisture and debris. We PH test your major fluid systems so that when your fluids are compromised we can flush clean the old, poor performing, and dirty fluid and replace it with fresh clean fluid. This ensures the longest life of the components of each system.

15,000 Mile Intermediate Maintenance

Every 15,000 Miles a vehicle requires more care and attention beyond the regular service. At this interval we take special care to rotate tires, clean and adjust brakes and brake linings, flush the transmission fluid, clean or replace the engine air filter, inspect all major engine components, clean and service battery, and road test the vehicle.

30,000 Mile Major Service

Similar to the Intermediate Maintenance at every 30,000 Miles vehicle require a thorough tune-up. At this interval we spend several hours to freshen up the vehicle include: Rotating the tires, flushing the coolant systems, replacing the transmission pan gasket and flushing the transmission fluid, replacing the engine air filter, replacing the pollution control valve, replacing spark plugs, cleaning and adjusting front and rear brakes, calipers, clean and service battery, and lining, full 25 point inspection of all major engine and drive line components taking care to, adjust, tighten, and grease components as we go, and a road test of the vehicle.

Check Engine, Service, and Maintenance Light Diagnostic

We here at Northshore have a full array of vehicle diagnostic computers that help us to determine the cause of any of your vehicles maintenance or warning lights. This allows us to pinpoint exactly was is wrong with you vehicle so that we can get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.